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Parker's trip to the ER
Ugh, I am so fucking stressed out right now. 

I took Parker to the vet this afternoon for her DHLPP and Rabies vax, which stressed me out initially (b/c going to the vet stresses me out more than it stresses the dogs out, I don't know why). But she did fine and everybody who saw her loved her and she got lots of love and she did pretty well when she was getting her shots.


Three hours later her face swelled up like a goddamn balloon. I looked over and she was lying in her bed squirming and scratching her face and I couldn't tell what the fuck was going on. So I'm staring at her, and the more she scratched at her face, the bigger and pinker it got. So I'm like fuck. I called her over and she looked like Goofy. Her face was massive. And I'm like: shit, vaccine reactions. So of course her vet is closed, so I have to call the emergency clinic, but my fucking phone gets no service in the house (why would I want a phone that works? that would make things just too easy). So I had to use Darren's go phone (which probably cost like five bucks to just to call, and I'm sure I'll get shit for it later) to call the ER. Well they told me to try Benadryl and if it didn't get better in 15 min then to take her in. So I ran down to RiteAid and got her some Benadryl... fifteen minutes later her face is twice it's normal size and she has hives on her back. So we had to take her to the ER. Fun times. Darren drove and I sat there holding her trying to be brave, but goddamn I was scared. Especially when she started wheezing. Fuck. So anyway it took a while to get there and we got lost. But they were able to see her right away and they gave her some IV antihistamines, but by that time she was covered in hives and the Dr. said it was an abnormally severe reaction.  So we sat in the waiting room with her to make sure they went down before we took her home. And $120.00 later we did take her home. Thank bob.  But here I am, still shaking and stressed. I'm gonna go have a beer.

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DDDDD: Poor Parker, holy shit. I'm so glad to hear she's okay. God, that must have been so scary. :( Give her a hug for me. <333

Yeah, it blew.
She got lots of hugs <3

Holy shit! That must have been terrifying! I have no idea what I'd do if that happened to one of my dogs.

I'm glad your dog's ok now.

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