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Breaking News: I am boring.
tree spirits
1. I went to Ruby Tuesday for the first time in my life. If Chile's is the classier Applebees, then Ruby Tuesday is the classier Chile's ... minus the TexMex. I cannot say whether or not I liked it because I saw Miss Piggy incarnate. I mean she didn't have a high pitched man voice, but still. She had that snotty attitude and she looked like a pig. I found it difficult to concentrate on my food. It's one thing to have a puffy pig face and a snub pig nose, and a poofy, short exceedingly un-flattering haircut; but if you're a snob on top of it... there is no redemption. She grimaced at the waitor. Twice. I bet she compensates for being homely by being a twat. Maybe it makes her feel better.

2. A couple of weeks ago (after working for this company for 6 months) I was finally offered the collections job. It was exciting and relieving. And then today, I was offered a different job within the company - as someone's assistant. I was told that I would be doing the same types of duties as I was at the job I "wasn't the best fit for" and was given the impression that the first job offer wasn't as certain as this second job offer. Let me just say: WHAT THE FUCK. I guess I should be pleased that they really want to keep me, but really? REALLY? I dont want to be anyone's assistant. I did that, it didn't work out. I want the goddamn collections job and I want it NOW. Fuck this nonsense.

3. This cat showed up this weekend. Our apartment complex has a stray cat problem, but I've never seen this one before. It's skinnier and more skittish than any of the other strays running around, and it has taken up residence atop this car.
Over the past few days I have built a rapport with this cat; enough so, that today it approached me and rubbed all up on my leg.  I have decided to earn it's trust, capture it, vaccinate and spay/neuter it, and find it a home (but not with me).

That is all


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